Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Its not just us (ED peeps) "normal" ppl hav have distored body image too!!!

God, I just met up with my bestie for a chat after... like 2months not seeing her.
and she was telling me that i'm so skinny now
What the fuck.....i weighted pretty much the saem since last time i saw her!!!
Yes, there has been no progresss with my weight loss because of my stuffed up uni exams
I think i will get "fail" for the first time in my life.........excellent
But yea back to what i was saying.....
what's wrong with people......saying that i look skinnier when i weight the same or even more? :S
Even if i do look bit thinner i will loook as skinny as her.....not even when my BMI is below her.....
Why? Because of my stupid bone structure.......i've been comparing ppl's rib size with mine from the side...................
FUCk mines nearly double the size.......................so even when i'm left with skin and bones i will still look bigger than them :"(
The other day, another frd was telling me,
you look thin enough already when are you still saying that you are fat? It doesn't look good when you are too skinny.
It is not about looking good. Not at all. To me being sknny is the ONLY way to make me feel better about my body. People just don't get it.
What see what i mean about people having distored body image? This friend is saying i look thin enough as in i look NORMAL where as some other are saying i getting too skinny.
What the HELL.


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