Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ready to fly again!

My first 24 hour fast! I'm overwhelm by my success after my long continuous struggle with self control for the past month. Everything will get back on track now!

Did a salt flush this morning which was really successful! Much better than the ones i did before.
The only difference between the one i did this moring and the ones that i had done is that instead of 2litres of water i only use 1litre to accommodate with my 2 teaspoon of salt.
It is recommended to use unidolized salt but i didn't have time and the will to go out so i just use the normal seasalt and it still works pretty well .^^ And with 1litre less its much easier to finish within 30min!
Now I have made myself a cup of lemon tea with black tea and 2 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. the teabag should be around 2cal and lemon juice should be 7cal so that's 9cal.

I made this according to the lemon cleanse concept. I don't really like adding syrups as suggested from most of the sites i visited it makes me think of sugar. So i use blacktea as a substitution for the taste. I don't know if other people can take it but it tastes alright with me. I'm not sure with the effect but tea is got to be good for u right?
I have just done some reasearh. Apparently green tea is better for weight loss than black tea because they have more catechins which have effect on body fat. Should change to green tea now~<3
Hopefully I can do a 7day fast without any disruption. My last exam is tomorrow. After that my friends will want to go celebrate which will definitely including eating out. I better start prepare some excuses. The best one i can come up with so far, "Exhausted from overnight study, need to go home and sleep.".
Then there are meeting up with friends that i haven't seen in a while.
Excuse: My parents want me to have dinner or lunch with me ~ Ya~ that should do
But then what if i will be out with them for the whole day?Hmm.....that will be a problem.....
My ultimate goal is to do a 28days fast~ will that be forever a goal?

Stephanie Naumoska: 2009 Miss Australia candidate~
the first thing i saw her on TV: She'e got my dream body!

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