Thursday, June 18, 2009

Date? = Eating? >.<

As mention in the last post i declined a dinner night to keep up with my progress. However, that person invited me again asking me what i am doing for the next few days. AWW.....i couldn't make up something for everyday and so it was decided that we will be meeting up tomorrow.

Problem is, if i go and have a normal dinner what can i order? Even if i just order a salad i might not be able to finish it. That's going to be weird isn't it? Like, here's a plate of salad and i take a few spoonful and said i'm full already. one thing, i hate wasting food and second wouldn't it seem rude? What other choices do i have??? Order a glass of orange juice and just watch someone else eat? It would be ok if it's someone that i've known for awhile but i've only known this person for...less than a month?

So can anyone give me some suggestion on what i can do?!Please!

Yesterday was thursday, grovery shopping day. I regret so much of going with my mum!! I ended up breaking my fast. HELL After a few days of fast, eating solid food seems like a sin. Even a few spoonful of salad feels like it's going to put a pound on me. But I knew i sort of needed the energy since i've been having heaps of grey-out. Ok, that's no excuse. I'm weak >< omg, whenever i think of it makes me want to cry. And my mum! bought my favourite ice cream stick! There it is, looking at me calling out, "You've break your fast already might as well have a treat!" I'm a sinner. F*** there goes 235cal. Luckily, i didn't go pass my max intake.(Trying not to think of the fat and carbohydrates)

So points for thursday:
Under max intake: +10
Water: +3
Exercise: +5
Total: 18


  1. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! I appreciate sooooooooo much.

    As for your problem I have no idea I stuggle so much with eating in front of people I usually end up eat crap.

    May u could order a something and say it tastes funny, I do that sometimes. But if you don't want to waste money I guess the orange juice is ur safest bet.

    I hate how salad are so big...usually ppl who are weight conscious can't eat that much anyway they should really split the size of them and the cost

    Anyway I'm so sorry you broke your fast I plan to break mine tonight otherwise I'll get those annoying looks from my friends.

    Stay strong because there's always tomorrow and you can have little hiccups now and then!

    xoxo Farah

  2. haha sorry my message is so long with so many errors, I'm a careless at typing.