Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Rumbling stomach...but i can't feel any hunger.

Today is the forth day of my fast. I'm amazed. Didn't really eat anything except the boost juice i had yesterday which is 140cal. What' made me decide to get it is because I was woken by heartburn yesterday. So i thought i should at least put something in my stomach beside water and tea. For that intake i worked hard during my workout so i can burn at least 300cal~ which took me around 1hr15min. Maybe its because i havent been exercising for awhile, felt so tired and sweat so much even though i wasn't exercising in high intensity.

After gym i went shopping. Well, i wasn't planning to get anything since i feel so fat. But just want to check out the sales and maybe grab some bargains? So after my workout i shopped for around 4 hours at least. which was so tiring so wen i got home i just went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night and blog~ ha Oh, and for the heartburn i went to get some antacid just incase it happens again. Wouldn't want it to happen again, felt like i wanted to vomit without anything in my stomach.

Someone asked me out for dinner tonight, but i declined making an excuse that i feel unwell so it can be changed to next week. I'm not going to let anyone interrup my fast since i've been so successful so far!

Better get ready to go gym soon!~ [=

Weight Loss Comp points

Under max intake: +10
Exercise: +2
Total: 15

Under max intake: +10
Water: +2
Exercise: +5
Total: 17

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