Saturday, July 4, 2009


i've been water fasting for the past few days and my parents kinda noticed it.=\
We don't store much food at home so when i pig out it's really easy to find that food are gone.
So yea, since i've been fasting i have not touch anything in the kitchen except getting water, bit obvious.
My mum knows that i hate my body and trying to lose weight. So i thought she would undrstand enough to just let me do whatever. But instead she told me yesterday that if i continue with my weight loss she will send me to a psych =[. I was nearly in tears! Why do that to me!
After awhile i put my mind together and thought "I doubt she'll really do it unleast i make things look too serious." So, as a solution i've been taking food from the kitchen and hid thm in my own kitchen cabinet just to make it look like i've eaten something. And when i'm off my fast i might eat them if they're not overdue yet =P

PS as i was talking to my mum yesterday i've also reveal something that my skinny frd K said to me which made me feel quite upset(something about K being skinnier than me). Her response was "of course, K is really skinny she's only saying the truth." *upset* then i told my mum "i hate it, i hate how she can always be so sure that she's skinnier than me. She has no right to make such assumption forever! i'm going to be skinnier than her!" my mum " why you want to do that, besides she's got a smaller bone structure which made her look smaller even if she's got for fat" me "that's ok, i will just be bonier than her!!"
I believe with ana by my side I can do it!!!!!!!

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